And their hands too…

So here’s a picture of my kids from a long time ago.  It was right before Kaston, age 3 years, 4 mos, 8 days, was scheduled to have yet another heart cath, this time to insert an Amplatzer Closure Device into the fenestration purposely placed in the right atrial baffle that the surgeon’s stitched in during the 2nd open heart surgery that’s made of bovine pericardium to help redirect the unoxygenated blood away from his heart and go directly to his lungs instead so they can properly oxygenate his body since his heart has been reconfigured, twice, because he wasn’t born with his tricuspid valve open (which is in between the right atrium and right ventricle, which is SUPPOSED to pump blood through the pulmonary artery & into the lungs, but since the right ventricle only receives blood passively through the ventricular septal defect because the tricuspid valve never opened, the surgeon redirected the blood flow to bi-pass the right side of the heart completely and the superior vena cavas are now both tied in directly to the pulmonary artery, which means all the blood is oxygenated first then pumped out by the LEFT side of the heart, which does ALL of the work) and now has a hypoplastic right heart.  Yadda yadda yadda…You can see how I could go on & on, which sadly, there’s more to it that what I just rambled on in 1 continual run-on sentence.

Or as my conversation usually went those days “No, I didn’t paint his fingers & toes blue & no he didn’t just eat a blue popsicle or blue sucker or have anything near his mouth that was blue.  They put part of the lining of a cow’s heart in the top of his heart to redirect blood flow AWAY from his heart.  They also had to put a tiny hole in it to act as a pop-off valve for better results after surgery to regulate pressures.  The hole was supposed to close up on it’s own but his got bigger and now his oxygen has dropped 20% and they need to plug the hole!  That’s why he has blue fingers and toes and lips!  Thank God it’s not another open-heart surgery because just a couple of years back it would have been.”    That’s as about as simple as I can get it in laymen’s terms!  So if you have ever heard my kids, especially Kaston, say he has 1/2 of a cow heart, it isn’t true!  He only has 1/2 of his own heart with a very very small amount of cow tissue inside of his heart.  I always ask, where did they find the cow?  Surely it didn’t come from some sort of feed yard, did it?  I have been reassured that the cow that donated his heart to help save the life of my son (of course unintentionally) did not, in fact, come from a feed yard somewhere in Hereford, TX, but rather from some sort of facility that raises cows and pigs for this very type of thing.  I hope they were hand fed, because that’s how I like my beef!

So what does this have to do with Dave Matthews?  Well, I get to go to the Dave Matthews concert in Dallas on Sept 11th!  The only time I’ve gone to Dallas the last 7 years is to go to the hospital with Kaston, whether it’s for appointments, surgeries, heart caths, whatever.  But not to see Dave Matthews, only with my girlfriends – no kids, no husbands, no hospital, no doctors!   Just you and me together (we can do anything..BABY!)