a couple of hours after surgery

this is what we were facing.  Sept 13, 2004 Kaston had his 2nd open-heart surgery, the Fenestrated Fontan.  To look at where he was and to look at where he is today seems impossible.  6 years ago today we were waiting for him to come off of the vent and praying his lung wouldn’t collapse like last time.  Praying for his silent tears and cries to go away.  Praying for him to not have to be tied to the bed anymore.  Praying “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”  Psalm 147:3  And exactly 6 years later I find myself praying this same thing for the Hammitt family as their son Bowen had his 1st surgery and is having complications.  A familiar feeling I, as well as so many others, are all too familiar with.  Bowen’s daddy, Matt Hammitt (lead singer for Sanctus Real) has been writing some AMAZING songs during this journey.  Check out Bowen’s Heart & you will see his post from 2 days ago with one of those awesome songs, Holding You.  Boy does it bring back a flood of emotions!

Yesterday was Kaston’s “Fontanniversary” as they call it.  And it was very surreal being in Dallas for the DMB concert on Saturday 9-11.  I didn’t have to actually go to Children’s, but I was so close anyways (my friend unknowingly booked a hotel right in front of the hospital).  I really didn’t realize the date until we were sitting at the Denny’s in front of Children’s  at 1:00 in the morning that I had been in this exact same spot 6 years prior to.  But instead of sitting in a Denny’s, we were in a hotel room praying for what the next days held for us and our future and hanging out with our 22 month old son who had no clue what he was about to endure.

So many ironies the last few days, I’m not sure what to make of it all….