My heart is heavy this week for so many reasons.  With so much social media these days, there comes with it the ability to connect with people all over the world, especially in the heart community.  You begin to build relationships with people all across the country/world, whether it be from being a part of Mended Little Hearts and knowing them in person or just coming across them from FaceBook.  I have heard about 7 people dying this last week of CHD, from an infant to a 22 yr old (and I’m sure there are many many more – I only follow 1 of these 7 kids, Baby Ewan).  You become emotionally invested in their life timeline and you pull for them and pray for them and message their parents on their blog , but sometimes they just don’t make it.  And it sucks.  It begins to sadden your soul because you really start to understand the gravity and the reality of CHD.

It’s not because more and more of them are dying.  We are just becoming more and more aware of all of the statistics.   Before it was just numbers on a piece of paper or in an online article; now it’s faces, names, pictures, raw emotion.  And LOTS of them.  Struggling, dying, living.

Top that all off with some devastating news we received within our family on Friday and it makes for a pretty pitiful week-end.  Death and the thought of death has surrounded me alot this last week.  But I have to realize that there is hope, there is healing and we serve a mighty God that can do miracles and I have to stand on that belief because there is no other way to cope.

Uggh.  I am in a funk.  I promise to post something more upbeat next time.  Until then…please pray for complete healing in the Snyder family.

My song for today…