November 22, 2002


our lives changed forever.  Of course, any time a child is brought into this world, the course of the parents lives change forever.  But having Kaston altered the course and direction that our lives would have normally went. 

Little did we know that the reason he was so blue after delivery was due to a life threatening heart defect.  Something that we would have to deal with on a daily basis for the rest of his life, the rest of our lives. 

Having a child with a chronic illness has altered everything in my life.  Who I am as a person, as a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, every aspect of my every being.  My faith has strengthened because I have witnessed miracles with my own eyes.  My courage has seen it’s ups and downs, but I can face obstacles with a better sense now.  My hope waivers from time to time, but I realize it’s all I can do.  But enough about me.

Kaston has brought so much to so many.  He has such a kind spirit, he’s adorable, funny, vibrant and everyone wants to be his friend.  He still loves his stuffed puppy “Bassil” that he got from his Mamaw for his first open-heart surgery (we’re on Bassil #4).  He loves Star Wars, especially Yoda – because he’s the Jedi Master and overcomes the dark side, just like Jesus did as he tells it.  He loves wakeboarding and Shaun Murray is his favorite pro rider.  He loves to swim and ride in the boat and climb trees.  He is afraid of spiders – well all insects – and bobcats.  But that’s about it.  He asks questions about life that most 8 year olds probably don’t.  Like “When am I going to get married?” and “When am I going to die?” and “How come I can’t play football?” and “Why does it smell like cow poop outside?” (well that one’s just for kids that live in the Texas Panhandle!)  He loves hunting and fishing with his dad, riding 4-wheelers with his Mamaw & Grampa, spending the night with his Moppy & Poppy so Poppy can tell him silly stories, and cuddling with his mama.  He says his big sister Korah is his best friend.  He gets his feelings hurt very easily when he messes up and he gets in bad trouble and does NOT like getting a spanking from his daddy or getting shots at the doctor.  He is…Kaston. 

I can only imagine what these next 8 years will be like.  Up until now, I have prayed that he will stay healthy, have no hospitalizations or surgeries and that his heart will keep on keepin’ on.  I haven’t really ever allowed myself to think beyond his health and look into his future.   And now, I find myself looking forward to normal things.  Like middle school, him shooting his first deer, learning an invert (in wakeboarding, it’s where you go upside down), his first school dance, being baptized, getting his golf cart license, puberty (I know-I’m crazy!), his first girlfriend, his first car.  Just everyday things. 

What an amazing little boy we’ve been blessed with.  I often times wonder why we were chosen to be his parents; not because of all of the hardships that we’ve been thru since his birth, but because of how much joy he has brought to our lives.

Happy 8th birthday Kaston!

September 2010