It’s been sad times around the Snyder household lately and I’m ready for it to stop so we can get into the Christmas groove of things!

One of my best friends moved away this week, the CHD community lost a very important person yesterday and Bob’s mom & dad are at MD Anderson in Houston this week.

A couple of months ago Debbie (Bob’s mom) was admitted to the hospital for pnemonia. After tests & more tests, it has been determined that she has a very rare form of cancer – it is terminal. It is througout her entire body & the main areas of concern are the masses in her lungs and by her spinal column. She has done some radiation treatments for her lungs here in Amarillo, but that’s all they can do for her here. So, that’s why they decided to take her to MD Anderson in Houston. They are the experts on this type of cancer and they are wanting to evaluate her and see what type of treatment plan is best suited for her.

This is Debbie’s 4th time to have cancer throughout her life time! She battled breast cancer twice about 16-17 yrs ago. She had a cancerous tumor removed last year. At that time, we knew there was a chance that it might possibly end up in her lungs. But it’s beyond that.

Debbie is most definitely a fighter. She is probably the strongest person I have ever known. She has always had such a positive outlook on life, has an outgoing personality & a heart of gold. So I ask each of you to pray for her to have the peace and grace that she always has had and that may God’s healing hands completely surround her. I ask that you all pray for our family. Especially Drew, Bob’s dad (as he is not in the greatest of health either), his 21 yr old brother, Matt, and our kids. Pray for Bob & I to remain strong for this family and guide us in the decisions that will need to be made and the courage to face the obstacles that are coming our way.

Debbie in the mountains, one of her favorite places