Is it summer yet?

Hanging out in Meme’s front yard in Austin (this summer)

What a week we had last week!  I just wanted to share with you the events so that maybe you could gain some knowledge, whether in a spiritual sense or otherwise.  I will leave it up to you.

Kaston has not been feeling all too well for about the past month since he had walking pneumonia right before Christmas. So off to the dr. we went on the 1st day back to school from Christmas Break. He had been running a fever the day before & threw up in the bathtub. It was time.
His O2 was low 90’s, everything else checked out fine, all tests were negative – RSV, Strep, Flu. No other symptoms, so he was thinking something else was going on inside that we couldn’t see. To the lab we go for a blood draw – he did GREAT! Amazing that an 8 yr old doesn’t cry when they take blood – I hate needles and am glad I haven’t transferred my spirit of fear to him!

We get a frantic call on Tuesday that we needed to bring him in immediately for more labs.  His liver enzymes are way way off, meaning his liver is failing (and would possibly need a transplant), white cell counts are not where they need to be – something was definitely going on with our little boy.  Needless to say, Bob & I were totally freaked out!  Bob was at work and was able to take off for a couple of hours to meet me at the lab – Kaston does so much better when he’s there for draws (again, because of my fear of needles, and well, I’m mom, & dad is so much cooler than mom!).  Again, he did so good & barely even said ouch.  He thought it was cool that he had 3 red dots on his arms (they missed on the 1st draw the 2nd day).  Of course, he milked the sympathy card the rest of the day!  And of course, we obliged.

Tuesday night was BAD.  I haven’t felt that scared or worried or anxious or helpless in a very very long time.  So I did all I knew to do and prayed – and leaned on my friends for advice – and prayed some more.  Thank goodness for great, unbelievable friends.  More than that, thank God for who He is and all that He promises to be to us – more about that in a minute.  That evening, Kaston was complaining, alot, that his back hurt really bad, he had a bad headache & just hurt all over.  Dr. Young told us to call him if he got worse.  So, Wednesday morning, we called him.  And went back in – for the 3rd time in 3 days.  Going into that office was a surreal feeling.  All of the staff knew something wasn’t right – they’d heard about the lab results, heard the fear in my voice when I called – again and  just the looks on all of their faces was horrific.  What were we facing?  Liver transplant, heart failure, what?  Ahhhh, the unknowns of CHD.  Dr. Young still was waiting for lab results to come back and examined him more than he has EVER examined him – in 8 years.  He was worried.  I could tell by the look on his face and him studying his body and listening and feeling and studying his notes and the labs.  In the mean time, he ran another flu test – because of course, there are occasionally false negatives.  And studied the labs some more.

God answers prayers.  How else do you explain TWO lab results being messed up?  He tested positive for the flu.  Oh yeah, and a staph infection in his nose but has zero signs of it.  We both looked at each other with our heads cocked to one side like lab puppies.  No symptoms of staph – huh?  And his additional lab work on his liver was NORMAL.  Apparently, the first one somehow got messed up – just the liver part & nothing else.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.  Thank God for false negatives and messed up labs.  Make of it what you want, but what I know to be true is that He answered so many prayers that night.  For this little boy to not be fighting the fight of his life, again, for the 3rd time in his short 8 years.  He promises to take care of us, and He did in every since of the meaning.  All through something so simple as some messed up lab work. So just when you think you are facing the worse, it may not be as bad as it seems.  There’s all kinds of messed up lab work in life and God can mess up what you think you know to be true.  Do not assume anything.

We are still concerned with his low heart rate & lowered O2 levels.  He has been super pale for over a month now & his eyes are just so dark all the time, and had unusually low heart rates even now that he’s been on meds for 5 days and seems to be over any and all symptoms (or lack thereof) related to the flu or staph.  Of course, the question still remains, is this just because he’s been so sick the last month or is this heart related?  I am standing on faith that it is simply his body playing catch up.  We are pumping him full of vitamins and immune boosters and antibiotics and tamiflu trying to get this kid healthy.  He acts like he feels OK, but just looks plain scary – the best way to describe him is that he looks like someone on TV or in a movie that is really really sick or dying and they have all that make-up on them that makes them look really pale and pasty with dark circles under their eyes – that’s been Kaston for about a month & 1/2 and I know that he hasn’t had the flu & staph for a month & 1/2!  So we will see what Dr. Zellers in Dallas has to say about all of this on Friday for his annual cardiac work-up.  Until then, I will not assume anything!

And to top it all off, Korah puked in the hallway at school on Thursday – poor baby.  Again, I have the best friends in the whole world.  Our friend, Big Jake, was so kind as to pick Korah up from school and bring her all the way out to Tanglewood so I didn’t have to get Kaston out of the house.  The benefits of being a fireman also benefit fireman’s friends!  His big 6ft 6in body makes him a little intimidating but his heart matches his size.  She puked all day Thurs & Fri & part of Saturday.  Not sure if she had the flu or not – different symptoms – but definitely flu-like.  Luckily for her, her body is able to fight all of that off fairly quick and she is back at school today.

Praying that Bob & I remain free from these infections.  What a week.  My mind goes on and on forever about our future and what it holds and what our obligations are.  More of that to come later.

God is good, all the time.