FINALLY!! The kids got their wakeboards wet Sunday! You couldn’t wipe the smiles off of our faces! They both did great and Korah was even catchin a little air! They only did one set, and they didn’t even seem to think it was too cold. But they are soooo sore today though! They haven’t used those muscles since Sept I suppose!

Plus we hiked in Palo Duro Canyon on Saturday. Not just walking the trails…climbing up & climbing down & climbing through caves with exits only Kaston could get through! CrAzY! Bob was with us so the kids (and myself) were less hesitant on where it was safe to go. So we went. And they begged us to stay longer and hike more. We are going to try & take them camping – in the true sense of the word…in a tent (not like what we usually do in the 5th wheel with beds and toilets & the niceties that come along w/it!) But actual camping like we grew up doing! Of course, we’re gonna have to find a tent, and something to sleep on, and dust off our old coleman stove & lanterns! We were wanting to this week-end, but the weather supposed to get nasty. So we may have to wait awhile.

Your prayers are working for Bob’s mom! They have got her pain somewhat under control and she is handling the new chemo well. She actually ate 1/2 a burger on Friday after Bob took her to her treatment! That’s huge for her. And Korah was able to spend the night with her on Saturday – something she hasn’t been able to do in months! So keep the prayers coming.
It’s Tuesday now, so I’m goin to bed!
Have a blessed week!