Please keep my kiddos in your prayers as you go throughout your day today! Korah has been pretty sick all week and not getting any better. She told me she wanted to go to the doctor tomorrow if she isn’t any better by then.  And that’s saying alot because she absolutely despises medicine and shots.

Kaston has a 24 hour Holter monitor strapped to his chest like a mini bomb- it’s basically a portable EKG machine monitors his heart rate and rhythm for 24 hours, as he is at risk for abnormalities and his heart rate is typically Bradycardic, meaning slower than average and his Dallas cardiologist likes to look at that once a year.  This always affects him emotionally. I guess it just brings his CHD to his forethought constantly and affects his attitude on a big level. 

He and I will be headed to Children’s Dallas next Thursday for his annual visit. Letting the familiar anxiety settle in a bit.