Gonna try this blogging thing again…since I tend to be long-winded. Hoping to keep it more updated, especially as our family enters into another new phase in life!

Totally missing my kiddos tonight and been a pretty big funk today! Probably why I wanted to hop on here and share some thoughts since I have no one else to talk to (Bob is working…more on that later)!!! 😁 Also, it’s been 6 years ago today that we had Debbie’s (Bob’s mom) funeral.  She died on our 14 year anniversary, so each year is bittersweet for us on June 7.  Grief has a strange way of showing up unexpectedly and both her and Drew have been heavy on my heart lately.  I think it’s mostly because I feel bad for Bob no longer having any of his parents. And I hate that my kids don’t get to know them the way we did.  I know they both would be so proud of our kids and totally involved and supportive of them. I miss that relationship so much and am grateful that my parents have the ability and means to do fun things with the kids and spend quality time with them.


Debbie in the mountains, one of her favorite places

Got to facetime Korah for awhile tonight. She is having a great time and making friends from all over the world! I was able to meet her friend from Slovakia tonight.  There are several other countries that some of the counselors and campers are from also! She is having a blast teaching her campers archery and is doing quite well herself, earning some sort of medal for something?? They played softball today and went for a swim in the Guad (Guadalupe River) and can’t wait to serve us dinner “family style”. She and another counselor are in charge of 8 girls at meal time and have to grade them on their table manners!  It was great seeing her smiling face and interacting with all of her new friends! She seems very content and happy and well adjusted.  She has had some difficulties with a pretty massive heat rash on her feet and legs but seems to getting it under control.  It happened to her when we were in Mexico too.  She was pretty miserable a few days ago but it seems to be subsiding.


Haven’t yet heard from Kaston, as they are off the grid with no service. Briefly talked to the parentals the other day about the storm that hit their house. But am sure he’s having fun up in the mountains of Arizona riding dirt bikes and hanging out with my parents, my brother and his family.

Other #SnyderTime news…Bob is back on Group, meaning he is back to shift work…4 on/4 off…month of days/month of nights. It will definitely be an another big adjustment for our family again, but there are positives to it as well. Always gotta look for the positive, right??!! Glad I have my pups to keep me company at night!!


Thanks to the Ishams for having me this week-end! Was so good to be back out on the water, even if it was windy. Had a great time with new/old friends! Looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with friends at different lakes all over!  We of course have friends here at Tanglewood, and then the Ishams at Ute lake in NM, work friends at Possum Kingdom, and then our Jones friends up in OK we hope to visit at a lake near them!


Was itching to book another vacation the other night, so we booked our next family vacation!  Headed to Playa del Carmen in Nov for 6 nights, 7 days with the kids and a group of friends! Super excited to be staying at another 4 Diamond resort.  We aren’t traveling quite as much this year as we have in years past because we’re doing an Alaskan cruise next summer for mom & dad’s 50th and there’s talk of maybe Scotland next fall since we didn’t get to do a 20 yr anniversary trip this month (Bob’s work stuff got in the way). Those are pretty big trips so we had to scale back this year. Plus mine & Korah’s London trip was a big one too. We just so love exploring new cultures and new food and new experiences!! And we of course are always looking for people that wanna come with us and wonder how we travel like we do! We can definitely help fulfill some of the items on your bucketlist!! We have ways to make it happen for you just like us!


Our house is still for sale and haven’t really had many showings.  There are about 30 houses for sale down here right now and nothing is really moving real estate wise for some reason. But “they” are predicting the market to improve within the next couple of months. As far as our plans go, still undecided! We may build another house down here at LTW but are looking at maybe building something over at the neighboring River Falls community as well. Just will depend one what’s available when that time comes!

Got some exciting new stuff in the works but gotta keep a lid on it for awhile! Can’t wait to see how it will affect our future! We definitely have technology to our advantage on this one!

Thanks for reading the #SnyderTime scoop! Until next time!