I’ve been doing alot of scrolling these lazy days of summer without my kiddos being around and I came across a really good marriage blog the other day. It referenced a message from Pastor Jimmy about having vision for your marriage.  I’ve heard it before but it really is such a great message, I thought I would share it with you!

The Power of Vision for Your Marriage

Bob and I have been asked many times in our marriage how we do it.  How do we stay happy and content and fun and in love, even after 20 years of marriage…27 years together. I don’t really think there is any one specific thing except for we are always willing to learn more.  Of course, we keep it as God-Centered as possible and that is truly the #1 reason.  But there really is no perfect marriage and we both understand that we will always need to continue to learn in order to grow. We are not beyond going to marriage seminars or retreats.   We are not beyond reading marriage books.  We are not beyond hearing a good message and applying what we learn.  Marriage is a continual education and the more we learn the better we are with each other, the better we understand and respect another. We refuse to allow ourselves to be on auto pilot so we make a point to talk about goals and dreams and vision in our lives and in our marriage and our family. We are intentional.  I feel that if you are not continually learning how to have a successful marriage and just exist day to day, then you are opening the door for the enemy to attack and you will have problems. But know this, we also still have alot of work to do! We always will!

I love this message from Pastor Jimmy as he talks about some of the things we have tried to implement in our own marriage.  Enjoy!

The Power of Vision for Your Marriage