St. Lucia, West IndiesWelcome to Snydertime!  Where we roll with the punches, laugh ALOT, and our family motto is “It is what it is.” We see life through a different lense than most, live a laid back life and are always on “Snydertime”.

A little about us:  Jamie (that’s me) met Bob in Jr. High and started officially dating our Sophmore year of high school.  Got married in 1997 when he was in the police academy and here we are 27 years later, married 20 of those glorious years!

We have 2 fabulous kids kids that we homeschool, Korah & Kaston.  Yep, we became that weird homeschool family in 2011 when Kaston was in 2nd grade and Korah in 6th.

As a family, we love to be outside and exploring the world together! We live at a lake and enjoy visiting other lakes, taking our kids and their friends wakeboarding and doing a little wakesurfing since we are considered “old”.  The last 4 years alot of our time has been spent travelling the world. 13 countries, many oceans and modes of transportation. We average 1 vacation per month! How do we do it?  We just found a better way to travel!

Our daughter, Korah, is a strong leader (which comes across being bossy – ok, she IS bossy!)  but has a soft heart.  She gets things done and is a take charge, very opinionated teen-ager with a unusually high self esteem. She visited 4 of our 12 countries on her own 2 summers ago when she was chosen to be a United States Student Ambassador and travelled to Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland for 3 weeks. Last summer she went to Costa Rica and spent most of her time in the rain forest, planted trees, explored by kayak and visited a school. An eco tour of sorts. She took this summer off from travel, because I took her to London for 13 days when she graduated high school a few months early.  She is attending a community college and hoping to start workinf in her real estate license soon!

Kaston, our homebody homeboy is quite a spectacular 14 year old. Despite many physical hurdles and challenges thrown his way early in his life, he sure knows how to live it like there’s no tomorrow. Ever ready for the next adventure, he’s quite an adrenaline junkie. Cliff jumping, parasailing, flying airplanes, riding motorcycles, hiking, rock climbing, shooting guns, riding rollercoasters…if it has any sort of thrill in it, count him in. He loves being at home, but always up for a grand adventure.

The mom and dad – well we think we’re pretty cool too. Bob does security work and I am a professional volunteer!  I love giving back to my community and started the local chapter of Mended Little Hearts in 2009 (because Kaston was born with a Congenital Heart Defect requiring 2 open heart surgeries before the age of 2). I am also a Wish Grantor through Make-A-Wish (because Kaston was granted a Wish when he was 10 – hello DisneyWorld!) And we work closely and partner with the Ronald McDonald House and Coffee Memorial Blood Center. It’s my heart, my passion and my purpose. God’s calling on my life.

Consider this a warning…I am long winded.